How do tv series free earn

It is no secret that there are so many websites that offer tv series free download or streaming. All you need to do is search for the title of the show you like adding the word free and the internet will direct you to these sites. If you think about it, what do the site owner gains if he or she is not asking for payment from its viewers. Nowadays, everyone struggles to earn money sosurely, the owner is not offering his time and effort in organizing these new movies sites for free.

Two primary income sources of websites with free streaming

  1. Advertisements posted on the site

It is impossible for you to not notice the many ads when you try to access a particular site. Sometimes, the ads space is much bigger compared to the video itself. There will also be times that you will accidentally click these because it takes up so much space from the screen. Clicking these will direct you to another webpage where they show the full description of their product or business.

  1. Video advertisements playing in between streaming

This is very similar to commercials on the television. There will be times that these videos will automatically play while you are watching. You can skip some of these commercials while you need to finish others to continue watching.

These are the reasons you are able to enjoy watching without sacrificing your hard-earned money. These advertisements pay the rightful owners of the streaming sites and in return, they provide us with the latest tv shows that we want to watch. So, don’t be annoyed with the ads that suddenly pops up whenever you are streaming. Just bear with it because this serves as our payment for using the web pages for free. All you need is patience and you will be able to watch anything you want without limit.